JAP with an ironic twist: JAP appropriates a common epithet and gives it a positive spin by turning shop-a-holics into art funders and mitzvah doers. JAP encourages shopping and consumerism but not as an end in itself. JAP donates a portion of its profits to charity and devotes the rest of its profits toward funding culturally reinvigorating and socially progressive art projects.

Pillow Pillow Pillow

Crush Classic

New Look! Recline at your Seder on this limited edition "Crush Oppression Matzo Pillow". Each pillow comes with a piece of Matzo inside! Simply unzip the pillow and restuff the zip lock bag with a new piece of matzo when your crushed Matzo becomes matzo meal. Makes a fabulous gift for Passover and a perfect new ritual object to recline upon at your Seder.

Signed: $50.00

Unsigned: $40.00

Seamless Seamless Seamless Seamless

Crush Matzo Cover - Seamless

New product! Finally, a contemporary matzo cover to fit your nu-Jewish style! This is the Cadillac of Matzo Covers -- seamless beauty. It will be a beautiful addition to your Passover table and the perfect gift to bring to your friend’s or family’s Seder.

Signed: $40.00

Unsigned: $30.00

Rolled Seam Rolled Seam Rolled Seam Rolled Seam

Crush Matzo Cover -
Rolled Seam

New product! For those looking for a contemporary look at a very affordable price, this is your new Matzo cover. The rolled seam makes this version look hip and funky. Another perfect gift to bring to a Seder.

Signed: $30.00

Unsigned: $20.00


Matzo Ball Activist Kit

(aka the Seder enhancement kit)

Recycling and transforming the Matzo box into a new Passover ritual, this is the perfect gift for the aspiring young activist and to learn about Rabbi Arthur Waskow’s famous Civil Rights Seders of the 1960’s.

Coming soon - New style JAP Activist Kits!

Price: $36.00


Crush Classic - Old Style

Limited Stock! Makes a fabulous gift for Passover and a perfect new ritual object to recline upon at your Seder.

Discounted Price: $30.00

minipillow largepillow_blue medium_pillow_pink largepillow_pink mediumpillow_blue largepillow_orange

Crush Silkscreen

These funky pop pillow multiples come in three sizes - mini, medium and large. The perfect pillow for kids to recline on at the seder.

Mini 8"x8": $18.00

Medium 10"x10": $25.00

Large 12"x12": $35.00

All orders will be shipped within 5-7 business days.